Stacey Rae’s love for the fashion and beauty industry keeps her up on all latest trends in hair and makeup. When she’s not working in the salon making women feel beautiful by enhancing their features with customized colors, she’s expanding her portfolio by doing various photoshoots, fashion shows, set work, etc. Stacey Rae is Redken Color Certified .

Alexandra Hawk


 Growing up in Atlanta and Cincinnati I was always intrigued with art and beauty. After studying fine art, painting and photography, I decided my real passion lies with hairstyling. Hair, to me, is the perfect canvas in which you can create anything. 

I attended Paul Mitchell School where I received quality training for beginning hair stylists. While in hair school I fell in love with all aspects of being a hairdresser, but cutting and styling became my passion. I started dreaming of working on location for clients, whether I was doing haircuts or preparing them for their wedding day. This dream is what ultimately brought me to Los Angeles where I work as a personal stylist for weddings and special events as well as on set for photoshoots. I focus with styling, cutting, mens grooming and hair painting. 

The wonderful thing about the beauty industry and career path I have chosen is there are so many avenues to explore and I enjoy getting my hands on everything. I truly love my job and believe in bringing a positive, uplifting and educational experience to all of my clients and coworkers. 





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