Braid Waves

In this behind the scenes How-to Andi shares one of her favorite go to techniques for creating  perfectly imperfect texture.


Step 1 – Brush hair and section top up

Step 2 – Spray your favorite texture spray to add a grit and hold – Undressed by HAIRSTORY

Step 3 – Starting in the nape take organic subsections and dived into 3

Step 4 – Braid Sections through the ends

Step 5 – Spray braid with working hairspray and flatten edges of braid. Continue to braid the whole head in the same manner. – Outer Space by R+Co

Step 6  – Use flat iron to add heat to braid making sure to get even distribution throughout the braid.

Step 7 – Continue to add heat to each braid around the entire head

Step 8 – Let braid cool to gaurantee memory and hold of style.

Step 9 – Undo each braid

Step 10 – Flip hair over then Shake+Spray your texture spray

Photo – Angel V Prado

Model – Natalie Morris with Vision LA

Hair Stylist – Andi Scarbrough

Makeup – Maria Silva